The objectives of the Project are;

- Bring the national and international pioneers, experts, scholars and NGO’s together in two days congress to share their experiences, studies and efficient practices, and to develop a common ground to work together effectively and with increased collaboration.

- Expose and disseminate a road map of key areas of gender and women’s studies in the next 10 years and the result report of the evaluation of the last twenty years, which will show the achievements and problematic areas of gender and women’s studies in Turkey.

- Create a website to strengthen the link and the network among all parties such as scholars at universities, gender experts and NGO’s to make the network sustainable and efficient.

- Make a short movie to motivate the young professionals to be more interested in women’s and gender studies, to draw attention and raise awareness of gender and women’s studies’ targets in the society.

- Constitute a technical committee to assess a degree of collaboration and networking among the related actors and (scholars, gender experts and NGO’s representatives) every year to provide solutions for possible obstacles that would occur during the collaboration.

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