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Konularına Göre Tezler


“Gender-Bias In Student-Teacher Interactions and Its Effects On Reproduction of Gender Roles In the Classroom” 2002

“Stereotyped Gender Role Perceptions and Presentations in Elementary Schooling: A Case Study in Burdur (2001-2002)” 2003

“Unfolding Republican Patriarchy: The Case of Young Kurdish Women at the Girls’ Vocational Boarding School in Elazig” 2003

“Teacher Canditates as the Agents of Change for a More Gender Equal Society” 2007



“Human Rights, International Protection and Concept of Gender” 1996

“Legislative Reforms in Turkey between 1998-2005 in the Context of Gender Mainstreaming” 2008

“Evaluation of İstanbul Convention its Contributions and Constraints for Eliminattion of Violence Against Women in Turkey” 2012

“A Feminist Standpoint Analysis of Women’s Shelters: A Case in Turkey”  2012



“Destructuring ‘women in Islam’ within the context of Bektashi and Mawlawi” 1996

“Gender and Cyberspace: A Study on The Participation of Women in Computer Mediated Communications” 1997

“Sexism in Language as a Culturally Reflected and Created Phenomenon” 1997

“Women and Nationalism in Uzbekistan: The Role of Women in The Role of Women in The Formation of National Identity Between Soviet Modernization and Indigenization” 1997

“Patterns of Spiritual Involvements of Women in Ankara”  1998

"A Comparison Between Women Living in Traditional Turkish Houses and Women Living in Apartments in Historical Context" 1999

“Women and Photography the Case ofTurkish Women Photographers and the Question of Gender Representation”  1999

"A Comparison Between Women Living in Traditional Turkish Houses and Women Living in Apartments in Historical Context"  1999

“Anti-Foundational Approach and Turkish Feminism: A Study on the Construction of Foundational Self and Identity of the Modern Women in Turkey” 2002

Women under the Hegemony of Body Politics: Fashion and Beauty” 2007

“An Empirical Study about the Construction of Sexuality among A Group of Middle Class Women”  2007

“Spaces of Masculinities: Bachelor Rooms in Süleymaniye” 2009

“A Feminist Analysis of the Gender Dynamics in the Alevi Belief and Cem Rituals” 2010

“Oral Poetry and Weeping in the Case of Dersimli Women”  2010



“Employment of Women in Turkish Manufacturing Industry” 1996

“Gender Division of Labor in a Paddy/Rice Producing Village” 1998

“Female Body and Its Representation in Medicine: A Case Study of Gynaecology” 1998

“Women Engineers in Turkey: Gender, Education and Personal Life, A Case Study on METU” 2000

"Occupational Gender Segregation: The Case of Urban Turkey" 2001

“Foreign Domestic Workers in Turkey: A New Form of Trafficking in Women?” 2002

“Professional Women in Turkey: A Qualitative Study” 2002

“An Evaluation of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Support Activities in Turkey,” 2006,

“‘The Right to Reconcile Work and Family Responsibilities’: International Framework and A Brief Overview of the Situation in Turkey”  2008

“Mobbing with A Gender Perspective: How Women Perceive, Experience and Are Affected From It?”  2011



Understanding convergence and divergence in identity and gender: insights from the work of Carol Gilligan and a Turkish case”  1996

“Challenging the Image of Turkish Women: Travel Accounts of Female Authors 1762-1935” 2002

“The Reflections of the Ottoman-Turkish Feminism on the Literary Works of Nezihe Muhittin,” (2006

“The Dilemma of the Gaze in Angela Carter’s Nights at the Circus and Elif Şafak’s Mahrem”  2011



“Parents’ Role in Pre-school Children’s Gender Role Socialization”  1997

"Technology and Housework: Changing Patterns of Home Making in Middle Class Urban Women"  1999



“Women and Health: Quality of Life” 1997

“The Effect of Gender on HIV-Related Stigma and Discrimination: Cases from Turkey”  2007



“Gender Awareness: A Study of Women Teachers and Academicians Who Are Graduates of ‘Girls’ Institutes 1960-1970” 1997

“Women and Herstory Along The Process of Change and Development: International Policy Approaches Since 1970s” 1997

"A Study on the Representation of Turkish Women in the Media in Early Republican Era: The Magazine ANA (1938-1942)"  1999



“Feminism, Women’s Movement(s) and Women’s Organizations in Turkey” 2000

“Gendering the Political Agenda: A Case Study on Women Columnists in Turkish Newspapers (1999-2000)”  2000

“Women’s NGOs and Empoverment: With a People-Centered Development Perspective” 2000

Profeminist Men: Disguised Allies of Feminism in the Academia?,”  2006



“Symbolic Masculine and Feminine Identities in Turkish Grand National Assembly” 2000

“Institutional and Attitudinal Determinants of Women’s Legislative Recruitment: The Case of The Republican People’s Party in Turkey” 2004

“The Politicization of Gender: From Identity Politics to Post-Identity” 2011

“Accomodating Diversity Within Feminism in Turkey: The Amargi Women’s Cooperative, 2001-2011”  2012



“Treatment of Women in Law: Honor Crimes” 2000

“Sexual Violence Against Women in Civil Wars: An Analysis of the Yugoslavian Civil War,”  2006



“Gender Roles and Community Formation in Kurdish Migrant Women” 2003

“Male Migration and Women Left Behind: A Case Study from Ankara” 2004



“The Experiences of Two generations of Women in Poverty: A Case Study in Çandarlı, Altındağ in Ankara” 2004