Graduate Program

Last Updated:
25/09/2018 - 12:25

Must Courses

GWS 501-Introduction to Women's Studies (3-0)3

GWS 505-Prothesis Seminar (Thesis) NC

GWS 589-Term Project (Non-thesis) NC

GWS 599-Master's Thesis (Thesis) NC

Elective Courses

GWS 502-The Woman Question in Turkey: Interdisciplinary Conceptualizations (3-0)3

GWS 503-Gender and Peace (3-0)3

GWS 506-Images of Women in Western Literature from Pre-modern to Postmodern Era (3-0)3

GWS 507-Gender and the City in Turkey (3-0)3

GWS 511-Making of Feminist Knowledge (3-0)3

GWS 513-Women and Civil Legislation (3-0)3

GWS 514-Women and Development (3-0)3

GWS 518-Working Women and the Law (3-0)3

SOC 503-Problems of Studying Women in Muslim Societies (3-0)3

SOC 509-International Regimes and Gender Equality (3-0)3

SOC 516-Gender, Media and Cultural Representation (3-0)3

SOC 519-Feminist Methodology in Social Sciences (3-0)3

SOC 526-Issues in Women's Work and Employment (3-0)3

SOC 533-Gender Issues in Class and Patriarchy (3-0)3

SOC 535-Contemporary Feminist Theory (3-0)3

BA 4214-Gender Aspects in Organizational Life (3-0)3

PSY 550-Psychology of Gender and Women (3-0)3

PSY 562-Psychology of Close Relationships (3-0)3

PSY452 Psychology Of Gender (3-0)3

HIST 510-Women's Experience with Hierarchy and the State (3-0)3

HIST 557-Women in Turkey from a Historical Perspective (From the 19th to the Early 20th Century) (3-0)3

HIST 437-Ottoman Women In Historical Perspective (1500-1922 C.) (3-0)3

ADM 572-Gender in Politics and Political Participation (3-0)3

ECON 471-Statistical Database for Turkey (3-0)3

ECON431-The Economics of Gender (3-0)3